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​Investment Banking

The AIB team of directors and professionals have arranged or participated in over USD 4 billion in financings, in areas where market intelligence, placement capacity, and quality of execution bring significant value to meeting the client’s strategic financing objectives.

AIB’s directors and professionals have in the past executed investment banking transactions jointly with global multinational firms such as bulge-bracket U.S. investment banks, including Morgan Stanley and J.P. Morgan Chase.

The directors and professionals in the AIB team have had in-country experience in finance, banking, and investments in the United States, Australia, Great Britain, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, the Middle East, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan.


AIB team members were previously employed as professionals in such institutions as Chase Manhattan, Citigroup, investment subsidiaries of American International Assurance (AIA), Prudential Bache, Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) Group, and the World Bank.

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