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The art of investment — personalized and simplified for you. Every person's need is unique, so too must the investments that you make. 

Our goal is to provide you with customized services that meet your strategic and financial goals. Throughout our history, we have worked with high net worth individuals, institutional and international clients with rigorous demands for returns and liquidity.

This track record assures you of high-quality and sagacious advice from all of our investment bankers. Here's a list of the products and services that we offer:

With partnership links in various APEC and ASEAN countries for cross-border financings and investments, AIB is organized to provide investment banking services (including Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Finance Advisory Services) with respect to cross-border transactions. AIB’s directors and professionals have in the past executed investment banking transactions jointly with global multinational firms such as bulge-bracket U.S. investment banks, including Morgan Stanley and J.P. Morgan Chase.

The AIB team of directors and professionals have in the past arranged or participated in over USD 4 billion in financings (debt, equity, hybrid equity, and in both public and private markets) in various APEC and ASEAN countries, in areas where market intelligence, placement capacity, and quality of execution bring significant value to meeting the client’s strategic financing objectives.

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