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​Excellence is what you deserve

Our approach is a result of consistent refinement over our many years of operations. Each successful milestone fuels the next, and every challenge we faced improved our resolve to deliver high-quality solutions. Our solutions involve fixed-income, money markets, and alternative investment securities.


By working together with prime financial institutions, we have the advantage in creating a differentiated set of products catered to the commercial growth of our client's portfolio. With our broad range of expertise, we can match the right solution for your current situation to match your intended outcome.


We envision being the preferred boutique investment house offering an array of select and complementary financial products to ensure our clients’ success and growth.


To create the greatest value for our clients and other stakeholders by providing superior returns.
Buildings from Below


We put our clients at the center of our business. All our thinking starts with them. We focus on knowledge-based competence in generating value additions for our internal and external clients. They are the focal point of all the decisions related to products and services to create client satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Centric

We are reliable, respectful and competent in everything that we do. We have Integrity! We tell the truth and are honest in all our dealings with our customers and shareholders. We are dedicated to AIB, and are passionate to drive our business forward. We correct behavioral weaknesses and ensure adherence to company code of ethics

Utmost Professionalism

In AIB, we respect and appreciate our colleagues’ differences in gender, age, religion, ethnicity, physical abilities, religion, sexual orientation & educational level. We focus on the ways in which we differ from one another. We provide opportunities to learn from others’ experience that can help us get things right to avoid any failures at work.


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